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High Quality Endoscopy Reporting for IBD

High Quality Endoscopy Reporting for IBD
Template using Provation Software now available!

Slides for One Size Does Not Fit All Manuscript

Thank you for your interest in the Mono versus Combo "One Size Does Not Fit All" manuscript. There have been many requests for slides regarding this paper, so we have posted them here so that they can be used in presentations. The slides include the reference to the CGH paper and link to this website so that you can direct others to the mono versus combo algorithm.

BRIDGe manuscript published in CGH!

The BRIDGe manuscript describing when to use anti-TNF monotherapy versus combination therapy was published in Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology in August of 2010. Click below for a link to the article.

BRIDGe Comparative Effectiveness Research Study

The BRIDGe Comparative Effectiveness Research Study has been presented at ACG and UEGW 2010. Through a systematic process and international survey of gastroenterologists we define the TOP 10 most important comparative effectiveness studies that should be completed for IBD. See our poster here!

First BRIDGe manuscript available online!

Read the first full publication from the BRIDGe group reviewing the current controversies in Crohn's disease management. The full manuscript can be found here.